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Volume 3, Issue 1, February 28, 2008
poet's corner
Editor's Corner:
The Amazing Mechanical Wife
by David E. Hughes

To: ultratec.customer.service@ultratec.com
From: TheodoreBlasky@visioncom.net
Subject: Final Purchase Commitment
Date: February 17, 2335
       After a six-month trial period, I've decided that I'm thoroughly satisfied with your product. Last night, I asked Andra to marry me. I'm sure the proposal was a mere formality, with Andra having no choice but to agree with this business arrangement, but I must admit I felt a certain flush of excitement when she said "yes" and accepted my down payment in the form of a 1-carat diamond solitaire from Slow Eddie's Diamond Emporium.
       I realize the withdrawals she'll make from my bank account on your behalf will be stiff, but at this point I feel it'll be a wise investment.
       Three points about your program especially deserve praise:
        1. Ultratec's Electronic Matching Service allowed me to find the product that best matched my needs without ever leaving my home.
       2. Your extended trial program, where Andra and I arranged for mutually convenient times to interact, was easy and convenient. No middle man or high pressure sales tactics were involved. Although, toward the end, Andra began to drop hints that my time for a trial period was running out, that was only to be expected. After all, business is business.
       3. Finally, I appreciate that you have programmed Andra in a manner that makes her indistinguishable from a human female. When I display behavior patterns that would elicit a positive response in a woman, I get a positive response from Andra. In fact, I quickly discovered the less I say about her true nature, the better.

MegaNet Electronic Chat Session
Date: February 18, 2335
Andra U. Techan: Logged On
Marianne Roberts: Logged On
Andra: Are you sitting down?
Marianne: i'm at my computer keyboard--what do you think?
Andra: Get ready for this. Theo asked me to marry him last night!!!!!

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