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Volume 2, Issue 1, January 31, 2007
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Image ©Cile Bailey

A message from the editors:

       Welcome to the first anniversary edition of Electric Spec. Thank you to all of our readers, the artist Cile, and especially our authors for making our little 'zine such a success. To help celebrate our first anniversary, this issue has a special treat: an interview with 2007 SFWA Grand Master, James Gunn. He tells us why reading fiction is like sex and how we can save the world with science fiction.
       Our exciting and diverse collection of fiction is a treat as well. A pair of wizards must save the world from an insane demon in "Possession is Nine Parts." "The Comfort of Mirrors" features a mathematician facing his own demons when his clones suffer from a disturbing epidemic. In "Any Given Shadow," nothing is what is seems when a musician realizes his band is playing for some very unexpected guests. For military sci-fi fans, the futuristic "Perfect Soldier" addresses the timely issue of combating terrorism. On a lighter note, professional wrestling and ancient deities take epic fantasy to a whole new - and hilarious - level in "The Rainbow Bridge." Finally, Editor's Corner features the flash piece, "Death by Submission," in which a cranky editor realizes she will never read a better story in her life than the one on the desk in front of her.

--The Editors

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Table of Contents

James Gunn Special Feature:
Interview with James E. Gunn
by Lesley L. Smith

Possession pix Possession Is Nine Parts
by TW Williams
Mirror pix The Comfort of Mirrors
by Thomas Braun
Shadow pix Any Given Shadow
by Justin Stanchfield
Soldier pix Perfect Soldier
by Todd Thorne
rainbow men pix
The Rainbow Bridge
by Hank Quense

Poet's Corner Editor's Corner:
Death by Submission
by Betsy Dornbusch

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