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Volume 1, Issue 1, January 31, 2006
gargoyle Raising Archie
by Michael Stone

        The bedside phone trilled, dragging me though several layers of warm slumber. I sat up and swept the bedside cabinet with the flat of my hand before I realised I didn't need my glasses to answer the phone.
        Brenda turned to face me, concerned. Dead of night calls are not the norm in our household.
        "Hello? Dave?" I looked at Brenda. "It's Dave."
        She rolled her eyes.
        "What? You've got a what, Dave? Can't it wait until tomorrow?" I checked the glowing red digits of the clock-radio and corrected myself. "Later today?"
        Dave apologised for disturbing me and admitted he ought have known better. He just thought that with us being best mates and everything....
        "Goodnight, Dave." I put the phone down.
        Brenda murmured, "What did he want, James?"
        I reviewed Dave's excited rambling. He'd seen a listing on an auction website for some kind of big egg. A few left-clicks and 30 pounds and one penny later, the egg was his. Now, apparently, an animal had hatched.

Read the entire story:Raising Archie (pdf)

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